22 Jul 2016

Let’s Talk Dating

Tinder India’s CEO wants to start a conversation



As CEO of Tinder India, Taru Kapoor (MBA 2015) is at the center of a cultural shift: In a country where arranged marriage is still the norm, more and more young people are connecting outside of family-approved channels. “In urban India, single people between [the ages of] 16 and 25 are dating. We are just not talking about it,” Kapoor told The Economic Times.

Addressing Tinder’s reputation as a “hookup” app for casual sex, Kapoor noted that she and her husband (whom she met through a blog she kept as an engineering student) both use Tinder to meet people when traveling in other cities. “I’m not saying that there is nobody who has ever hooked up on Tinder,” she said. “But there are a lot more human connections. People have dated, gotten married, formed a music band, moved to new cities and found friends using Tinder. We have all those stories.”


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2015, Section F

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