01 Oct 1997

Class of 1972 Profiles


"I hope you feel that these two years have brought new ideas, insights, and friends," wrote then Dean Lawrence E. Fouraker in a farewell letter to the Class of 1972. As they return for their 25th Reunion, it is clear that members of the class have indeed made full use of what they gained at HBS. In the pages that follow, the Bulletin profiles ten 1972 graduates who have put ideas into practice, transformed insights into actions, and maintained the strong friendships begun at Soldiers Field.

Access articles here:

W. Hall Wendel, Jr. — On Top of the World

Cathy A. Nichols — Riding High

William K.L. Fung — The Family Trade

L.E. Simmons — Rising High, Digging Deep

Donald J. Chiofaro — Making the Leap

J. Hughes Norton III — Keeping to the Fairway

Benaree Wiley — Opening Doors

Terence P. Stewart — Trade Routes

Patricia ("Tosh") Rapoport Barron — Eye of the Storm

Brice Cutrer Jones — Aging Gracefully

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