12 May 2016

Cooking Up America’s Food Culture


Doug Duda (MBA 1985) cooked his way through his undergraduate degree in Miami. He cooked his way through his law degree in Boston and through his MBA at HBS. When he graduated, “my family thought, ‘Hurray, he won’t see a kitchen again!’” Duda himself thought he’d become an academic—instead he became instrumental in shaping our country’s food culture.

From doing early business planning for the Food Network—“People were just starting to think, ‘Maybe there could be a whole television channel devoted to food’; It was a big question mark,” Duda says now with a laugh—to creating influential food-education spaces and food-business incubators, Duda has combined his MBA with the lessons he learned in restaurants.

He’s also actively involved with the resurrection of the Redland Farm Life School, near Miami. When it opened in 1917, the school taught sewing and other homemaking skills to girls and agriculture to boys. For the 21st century, Duda envisions a center that brings people together around food and agriculture, teaching lessons of self-sufficiency that were part of the Farm Life School philosophy.

“Food can be about community,” he says.

(Published May 2016)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1985, Section B

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