01 Oct 1998

Perspectives on Success


From finance to flea markets, Class of '73 alums have made their mark in a wide range of endeavors over the past 25 years. For some, a series of random events crystallized into an unexpected opportunity or a new professional direction. For others, life unfolded in more incremental steps. We round out our annual 25th Reunion issue with a look at a sampling of classmates who, whatever their route to success, have put their skills to use with admirable style and achievement.

Access articles here:

A Zest to Invest—Mark E. Kingdon

A Marketable Skill—Judith A. Gehrke

Beyond the Numbers—Lowell W. Robinson

Answering the Call—Robert T. Brooks

Tech Trekker—Ilene H. Lang

Supplying Demand—Thomas G. Stemberg


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