23 Mar 2016

Building a Biotech Business from Farmed Fish


Charlton Ames (MBA 1970) is chairman and vice president of business development for Sea Run Holdings, a virtual firm in Maine that develops innovative biologics and therapeutics from the blood of farmed salmon. In this video he explains the structure and goals of his innovative enterprise.

“Sea Run Holdings has been a very long development in aquaculture. What we have done is become an intellectual property company working with a large salmon grower—Cooke Aquaculture, based in St. John, New Brunswick. We take blood from farm-raised salmon, create plasma, and fractionate proteins out of the plasma.

“Now, what could you create out of that? So many medical products, which really could make a difference.

“The thing that we’re trying to do is, on the margins, take a commodity business—growing salmon—and interact with biotechnology.

“In many ways, we’re a virtual company. We depend on research being done at the University of Pennsylvania, on a contract basis; the University of Louisville has been working with our fistula patches; and the University of California has helped us with neuron regeneration.

“We’re taking advantage of a new opportunity that holds great promise.”

(Published March 2016)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1970, Section C

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