01 Mar 2016

The Harvard Business School Campaign: Regional Events

Re: Alfredo Berlanga (MBA 1997); Dan Roig (MBA 1995); Georgie de la Mora (MBA 1996); Jose Ballesteros (MBA 1996); Alejandro Ramirez Magana (MBA 2001); Vera Makarov (MBA 2010); Felipe Ortiz-Monasterio (MBA 1977); Federico Barcena-Mastretta (MBA 1996); Peter Weinberg (MBA 1983); Debby Weinberg (MBA 1985); Jamie Dinan (MBA 1985); Clifford Press (MBA 1983); Beth Fascitelli (MBA 1984); Mike Fascitelli (MBA 1982); Elizabeth Miller (MBA 1985); Elizabeth Sawyer (MBA 1983)

Recent HBS Campaign Regional Events & Alumni Gatherings
1–3 HBS Campaign Mexico City Regional Event held in February at the Hyatt Regency Mexico City:
1 Alfredo Berlanga (MBA 1997), Dan Roig (MBA 1995), Jorge de la Mora (MBA 1996), and José Luis Ballesteros (MBA 1996) at the reception.
2 Alejandro Ramírez Magaña (MBA 2001) was one of several speakers during the event.
3 Vera Makarov (MBA 2010), Felipe Ortiz- Monasterio (MBA 1977), and Federico Barcena- Mastretta (MBA 1996) before the start of the evening’s program.
4 (seated, from left) Peter Weinberg (MBA 1983), Debby Weinberg (MBA 1985), Jamie Dinan (MBA 1985), Clifford Press (MBA 1983), (standing) Beth Fascitelli (MBA 1984), Mike Fascitelli (MBA 1982), Elizabeth Miller (MBA 1985), and Elizabeth Sawyer (MBA 1983) at the New York City HBS Couples Dinner held in December at the Union Club as part of the School’s regional engagement efforts.
5–6 Young Alumni Networking Events were held in the fall to create opportunities for alumni to connect. The San Francisco event was cohosted by the HBS Association of Northern California at ThirstyBear Brewing Company, and the Chicago event was cohosted by the HBS Club of Chicago at EPIC.

Upcoming Regional Events Around the World




To learn more about upcoming events and see photos from past events, please visit alumni.hbs.edu/CampaignEvents


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