11 Feb 2016

Many Voices Working Toward a Solution


James McGee (MBA 1980) is founder of Collaborating Minds, an information-sharing and problem-solving technology platform. In this video, he explains the idea that inspired his new business venture.

“I think I’ve tried to make an impact on people’s lives and make a difference in the world around the problem of how do you get multiple creative people to work together more effectively to solve the seemingly intractable problems of the world that don’t fit within a neat categorization.

“A partner of mine and I have been engaged in a business prototype that we’ve called Collaborating Minds, which is bringing together available technology—social media kinds of functions and features—to assemble a group of experts in multiple fields: chemistry, physics, business, not-for-profit. What we collectively work on are questions about how is it that you might tackle the problems of improving primary and secondary education in the United States? How do you bring innovation into schools? How do you help schools get better results out of reading programs, out of other things?

“The premise of Collaborating Minds is that experts from multiple fields, from other fields outside the expertise of education, might have different insights, different perspectives, different takes on the problem, and maybe there is a solution in that or a solution in the combination.”

(Published February 2016)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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