01 Jun 2000

Going Public

The Class of 2000 Graduates


Commencement has always marked a time of promise and possibility, but this year's festivities seem especially charged with anticipation. Not only is the Class of 2000 the first to set forth into a new century, but it graduates into what is widely viewed as the unfolding of a new economic order. The sense of excitement on campus these days is palpable as this year's graduates prepare to test their newly acquired skills and ideas in a universe of expanding innovation and opportunity, the likes of which the world has not witnessed for decades.

From this outstanding group, the Bulletin has selected six individuals who, to our mind, suggest the breadth and depth of the class as a whole. Judging from their demonstrated leadership abilities, business achievements, dedication to community service, and, in some cases, acts of personal heroism, these new HBS alumni - and their 875 classmates - are ready to "go public." If their achievements to date are any indication, the Class of 2000 looks like a sure-fire investment.

Photography by Webb Chappell

Shari P. Hubert
Scott C. Bolick
Herman I. Safin
Margaret M. Crotty
Christopher S. Yeh
Raymond M. Jefferson

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