10 Dec 2015

The Most Powerful Woman in Chinese Entertainment

Zhang Wei on the future of Alibaba Pictures and the international film industry


The Hollywood Reporter scored the first interview with Zhang Wei (MBA 1999), president of the Alibaba Group’s new film division. In a Q&A, Zhang, whom the publication calls “most powerful woman in Chinese entertainment,” shared her vision for turning Alibaba into, in the words of founder Jack Ma, the “biggest entertainment company in the world”:

“What kind of value can Alibaba offer to your Hollywood partners?”

“I went to talk to all of the studios, and the first thing everyone wonders is what an e-commerce company can actually do for them. There are a few things. One, if you think about the past, one of the biggest disconnects the studios face is that they never really know, in a detailed, comprehensive way, who is coming to see their movies. Even the filmmakers would probably like to know this — how old are they, where are they from, do they have kids, what are their other interests, what's their living situation, what type of people are they? We talk about demand-driven entertainment. Bringing the Internet deeper into the entertainment business is the best way to solve that puzzle.”


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1999, Section G

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