07 Dec 2015

Easing the Costs of Adoption

Kerr Taylor (OPM 39, 2010)


When Kerr Taylor (OPM 39, 2010) and his wife, Jill, returned home from Russia in 1998 with their adopted daughter, Christina, they brought with them a desire to make the process easier for other families. They created Pathways for Little Feet, a nonprofit that provides interest-free loans, education, and advocacy to assist children’s adoptions.

“There are 10-14 million voiceless children trapped in these hell holes around the world. We knew we would only be one arrow in the quiver to rescue the Christinas of the world, but we had to do our best to help,” says Taylor, founder of AmREIT and the Houston real estate investment firm Rowland Taylor.

Pathway’s perpetual trust, set up by Taylor, has already funded more than 250 family loans. With the support of fellow OPM alumni and a few key HBS staff and faculty members, including professors Cynthia Montgomery and Lynda Applegate, the organization has helped more than 300 children in orphanages across the United States and in 35 countries. Taylor’s hope for Pathway’s future success includes professional counseling for adoptees and their new families.

“These families are not wealthy—they have very little in cash savings—but they have enormous hearts and decided this kid is their kid,” says Taylor. “At the end of the day, it changes lives like you cannot imagine.”

(Published December 2015)

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Featured Alumni

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