01 Dec 2015

The Harvard Business School Campaign: Regional Events

Re: Craig Harrison (MBA 1980); Ellen O'Hara (MBA 1980); Len Schulwitz (MBA 1979); Janine Schulwitz (MBA 1979); Joan Schaefer (MBA 1977); Jim Schaefer (MBA 1977); Clyde Loughridge (MBA 1951); Nelson Lees (PMD 43); Bert Baker (MBA 1984); Bob Kraft (MBA 1965); Nitin Nohria

Recent HBS Campaign Regional Events & Leadership Meeting
  1. Craig Harrison (MBA 1980), Ellen O'Hara (MBA 1980), Len Schulwitz (MBA 1979), and Janine Schulwitz (MBA 1979) enjoyed the general reception prior to the evening’s formal program of the Seattle Regional Event.
  2. Alumni and guests mingled during the reception and strolling dinner held in Seattle’s History of Flight Museum during The Harvard Business School Campaign Seattle Regional Event.
  3. Joan Schaefer (MBA 1977), Clyde Loughridge (MBA 1951), and Jim Schaefer (MBA 1977) during a reception that followed Joan Schaefer delivering remarks to a gathering of alumni and friends at the Cleveland Regional Event.
  4. Nelson Lees (PMD 43, 1982) and Bert Baker (MBA 1984) shared some humor during a reception held at the Ritz-Carlton in Cleveland as part of The Harvard Business School Campaign Cleveland Regional Event.
  5. Dean Nitin Nohria with Robert Kraft (MBA 1965), an honorary chair of The Harvard Business School Campaign, at a meeting of Campaign Leadership Volunteers held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

Upcoming Regional Events Around the World

Mexico City




To learn more about upcoming events and see photos from past events, please visit alumni.hbs.edu/CampaignEvents


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