01 Dec 2015


Re: Fred Newman (MBA 1978); John Giudice (MBA 1978); Rich Wailes (MBA 1977); Sue Dickie (MBA 1978); Linda Carlson (MBA 1980); Kerr Taylor (OPM 39)


Fred’s Fans

Re: Fred Newman (MBA 1978)

Photo by JJ Sulin

I was in Section I with Fred in that class [when he performed “the human fly”]. It really did happen. In the classes and around the School, Fred was one of the people who really made the experience of being at HBS a great learning experience that went beyond the dry facts to what it means to be a person who makes a difference in the world, each in our own way! Thanks for posting this great memory.
John Giudice (MBA 1978) via alumni.hbs.edu

Better to have done the fly imitation than others Fred excels at, such as the Mud Trudge, which he describes as “the sound of dog food glopping out of a can.” (Buy a of copy of his book, MouthSounds, if you want to know more.) I’ve long enjoyed Fred’s creative ability to make me smile. I put him in a special category of entertaining HBSers, including the late Jay Ward (MBA 1947), who developed and produced The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.
Richard Wailes (MBA 1977) via alumni.hbs.edu

Fred looks exactly the same as when we were in school—the hair may be a different shade, but then, he still has it. I saw him at a Prairie Home Companion show in Aspen. He sounded exactly the same, just more! He has the biggest smile, and it makes me smile.
Susan Dickie (MBA 1978) via alumni.hbs.edu

OMG, I had no idea that Prairie Home Companion’s wonderful sound effects came from an HBSer! I really appreciate his reminder to do R&D—whatever your field. I’m sure many of us struggle on days when we cannot determine what we accomplished.
Linda Carlson (MBA 1980) via alumni.hbs.edu


Making Adoption Accessible

Re: Kerr Taylor (OPM 39, 2010)

Kerr Taylor, cofounder of Pathways for Little Feet, which encourages families to adopt by providing interest-free loans, education, and advocacy (Photo by Michael Stravato)

I hope the mission and vision of Pathways will capture the hearts of business owners, who will join in the work for the common good of the children of the world.
Beth Casper via alumni.hbs.edu


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