26 Oct 2015

Sal Khan Goes Back to School


The revolution started several years ago with Khan Academy, an innovative online portal of educational videos and tutorials that has attracted millions of followers and showed educators a thing or two about the way today’s children learn.

Founder Sal Khan (MBA 2003) is now a year into his return to the classroom, in the form of Khan Lab School, an educational “R&D lab” in Mountain View, California. The fact that the school goes year-round – meaning there’s no summer vacation, kids – is just the beginning of how different the program is here. In addition to testing new structures and modes for learning that can be disseminated to other schools around the world, the Khan Lab team is tracking every conceivable piece of data about students’ academic and social progress and sharing that information with parents, school staff, and students themselves, making refinements both to learning and teaching on the fly. “This is a lab for establishing new theories that could affect the rest of the planet,” Khan told Wired magazine recently. “The whole point is to catalyze change.”

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Featured Alumni

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