01 Oct 2000

New and Improved

Profiles from the Class of '75


Even though the Class of 1975 was trained at HBS to look to the long term, the millennial year 2000 must have seemed light-years distant when that youthful, eager group set forth from Soldiers Field to conquer the world.

Twenty-five years later, the Bulletin examines how time and experience have shaped and honed the class. We've selected eight classmates whose professional expertise ranges from Girl Scout cookies to e-commerce and whose stories suggest the diverse endeavors of the class as a whole. While "older and wiser" is an appropriate label for this group, perhaps it's more fitting to say that, in the following pages, we introduce a product that over time has truly become "new and improved."

Raymond A. Baxter

Timothy G. Brier

Edward D. Bullard

Mario A. Corti

Linda B. Kanner

Lydia M. Marshall

Carlos A. Saladrigas

Willoughby G. Walling II


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