Henry Motte-Munoz (MBA 2013) is cofounder of Bantay, an NGO that educates Filipinos about their rights to good government services and gives them tools to obtain these services without paying bribes.

“The people who are corrupt, you know that they’re corrupt. They don’t really hide it,” he says. The corruption is so endemic in government that many people think it’s just how government operates.

“We asked what can we do that will help the lives of everyday people?” Motte-Munoz says. “We’re interested in the situations where you can you actually tip the balance in favor of citizens.”

Bantay is building a database of corruption by having volunteers rate different government services offices, including logging the office conditions and the bribes being demanded for various services. It’s like “a Yelp for government services,” he says. Bantay also educates the public through classes and by working with the Philippines’ largest micro-lender to fight corruption and help people obtain government services, such as health care and education, they shouldn’t have to pay for.

Bantay is also looking to widen its impact by reaching out to lower income people via SMS and creating a mobile app. “It’s good governance in your pocket. Very consumer focused,” says Motte-Munoz. “Say you need a driver’s license; the app will tell you where all the DMV offices are and tell you their rating on a corruption basis.

“People know there’s corruption,” he adds. “We’re interested in the situations where you can actually tip the balance in favor of citizens.”

(Published August 2015)

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Featured Alumni

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