01 Sep 2015

Support for a Common Theme

Re: Javier Arango (MBA 1989); Miyoung Lee (MBA 1992); Neil Simpkins (MBA 1992); Kate Niehaus (MBA 1982); Bob Niehaus (MBA 1982); Joe O'Donnell (MBA 1971); Patty Benet (MBA 1989); Lincoln Benet (MBA 1989); Ralph James (MBA 1982)


Ralph James (MBA 1982) here with Patty and Lincoln Benet (both MBA 1989) at The Harvard Business School Campaign Regional Event in London.

"HBS is part of the extraordinary Harvard community that serves the world in equally positive ways, and we are honored to feel part of that community and to support its success. We are, after all, One Harvard."

Patty and Lincoln Benet (both MBA 1989), members of HBS’s Global Leaders Circle and supporters of the HBS Fund for Leadership and Innovation and the Harvard University President’s Fund


"Support of HBS has a demonstrated impact, but support across Harvard has a collective impact—a multiplier effect—that really can help change the world."

Ralph James (MBA 1982), a major supporter of HBS and many other areas of Harvard, including serving as cochair of The Campaign for the Harvard Graduate School of Education

HBS One Harvard Fund

Gifts to this endowed fund enable HBS faculty to engage a broader cross-section of Harvard students—at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and across programs—in selected new courses where diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences enrich the learning of everyone involved. Specifically, the Fund supports research and curriculum development for HBS faculty members teaching undergraduate and graduate students across Harvard; underwrites the investment HBS is making in University-wide initiatives through senior faculty who take on key administrative assignments; and helps attract and retain faculty members with cross-school interests.

To date the following have made leadership gifts to the Fund and serve on the HBS One Harvard Fund Steering Committee:

Javier Arango (MBA 1989)
The Cashin Family
Miyoung Lee (MBA 1992) and Neil Simpkins (MBA 1992)
Kate S. Niehaus (MBA 1982) and Robert H. Niehaus (MBA 1982)
Joseph J. O'Donnell (MBA 1971)

For more information about the HBS One Harvard Fund, contact Prescott Stewart at pstewart@hbs.edu or 617-495-9292.


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