01 Sep 2015

Harvard’s Next Frontier

Paulson gift engineers the future
Re: Nitin Nohria


John A. Paulson (MBA 1980), founder and president of the investment management firm Paulson & Co., has made the largest gift in the University’s history—a $400 million endowment to support the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), which will be renamed the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“John Paulson’s extraordinary gift will enable the growth and ensure the strength of engineering and applied sciences at Harvard for the benefit of generations to come,” said Harvard President Drew Faust, when she announced the gift in June.

“There is nothing more important to improve humanity than education,” said Paulson, who graduated as a Baker Scholar. “For 379 years, Harvard has had a profound impact across a multitude of disciplines that benefits all of humanity.” Paulson said the gift “will help continue that legacy by making SEAS a 21st-century engineering leader. It provides a solid endowment for faculty development, research, scholarships, and financial aid.”

“SEAS is the next frontier for Harvard, and its expanding campus in Allston promises to become the next major center of innovation,” he added, referring to the research and teaching facilities to be constructed along Western Avenue, adjacent to HBS and the Harvard Innovation Lab.

“John is the epitome of a visionary leader,” said Dean Nitin Nohria. “He understands that this gift will be the cornerstone for a Harvard campus in Allston where multiple disciplines can converge and combine their passion for knowledge, unleashing discovery in ways that truly benefit society and the world.”

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Featured Alumni

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