01 Sep 2015


Re: Phil Curtis (MBA 1974); Maura Sullivan (MBA 2009); John Lotz (MBA 1971); Carlos Prieto (MBA 1992); Steve Duckworth (MBA 1969); Anjali Raina (AMP 174); Bonnie Luternow (MBA 1978)


Military Memories

Re: The Military and the MBA

Photo courtesy of Phil Curtis

As a member of the Class of 1974, we were thrown into the midst of the travails of the Vietnam War and were populated by a number of patriotic officers serving on active duty. (I was also commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant while at the Law School in 1970, one of the last of the Harvard ROTC students for some four decades.) During our two-year stint at the Business School, Cambridge was a hotbed of antiwar sentiment, with police chasing dissenters with tear gas, broken glass on the sidewalks, and presidential hostage-taking. Not a pretty sight. Happily, HBS is an altogether different place today.
Phil Curtis (JD 1971, MBA 1974) via bulletin@hbs.edu

One of the reasons I temporarily left the military when I was a captain was the experience of seeing my comrades being “dissed” by industry. I did not want the same experience, so I quit the Air Force and came to HBS to get my credentials in preparation for a career in business.

I pray that attitude in industry has been overcome today. The Marine captain [Maura Corby Sullivan (MBA/MPA 2009)] described the value of her training and experience elegantly. Even in peacetime, the military values leadership and trains accordingly.
John Lotz (MBA 1971) via alumni.hbs.edu

Kudos for the Maestro

Re: Higher Ground

The cover story about Carlos Miguel Prieto (MBA 1992) was one of the most inspiring I have come across in a very long time. As it happens, we are summer residents of Astoria, Oregon, where there is, at present, a first-class summer classical music festival. One of the major forces in making the festival happen is Bill Armington, one of the doctors [at] the hospital (Memorial) that endured such tragic delays in evacuation after Katrina.

I hope PBS is going to record and show the concert; perhaps we HBSers can make sure they are aware because, as the article so well shows, this is America, and our people are at our best in tragedy and recovery.
Steve Duckworth (MBA 1969, DBA 1973) via alumni.hbs.edu


Re: Bulletin tablet edition

I love this digital version of the Bulletin. I live in India, and it was so exciting to be able to read the latest June Bulletin while the news is still topical. It’s quick to download and easy to navigate, and the content, as always, is engaging and thoughtful.
Anjali Raina (AMP 174, 2008) via bulletin@hbs.edu

Editor’s note: You can now download the Bulletin on your smartphone, too. As with the tablet edition, just go to your preferred app store and search for “HBS Alumni Bulletin.”

Credit Due

Re: Creating Change

On page 14 of the June issue, detailing how the Harvard Club of NYC came to accept women members, step four was “alumni advocating for change filed a lawsuit.” I like to sit here and smile appreciatively about the gallant alumni who fought for equal treatment. Or—as so often happens—was it alumnae who took action, while the men stood indifferent?
Bonnie Luternow (MBA 1978) via bulletin@hbs.edu


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