01 Mar 2015

An Exceptional Faculty of Scholars and Teachers


A Mission-Critical Priority

HBS faculty members create transformational experiences in the classroom and develop innovative ideas to address problems and seize opportunities in business. These activities are at the heart of the School’s mission, and it is the faculty — a diverse group of more than 250 academics and practitioners — who make them a reality.

Today’s faculty members are drawn from an increasingly wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Developing these individuals—helping them become not just effective but outstanding teachers, preparing them to write engaging cases, and supporting them as they identify and then realize ambitious research agendas—requires significant investment.

Teaching is a skill that is developed and refined over time. Few new faculty members arrive at the School with experience in the classroom. During their initial years, they receive extensive peer-to-peer mentoring, whether through teaching groups, by co-teaching, or from senior colleagues. Even as they progress in their careers, the focus on exceptional teaching remains a priority for faculty members at all levels.

To match the faculty’s far-ranging research interests, HBS provides extensive methodological, technical, and case-writing support as well as the unparalleled collections of Baker Library. These resources help accelerate the creation, refinement, and dissemination of knowledge that influences management practice.

Harvard Business School’s continued preeminence rests on its ability to attract, develop, and retain a world-class faculty. The School’s vision — and imperative — for ensuring a world-class faculty can be realized with the aid of alumni and friends who support talent at every level, particularly those at the beginning of their academic careers. An investment in the HBS faculty is an investment in the future of the School.


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