01 Mar 2015


Alumni feedback from the December issue
Re: Mel Saslow (MBA 1951); Bill MacDowell (MBA 1955); Perry Miles (MBA 1972); Denise Dampierre (MBA 1988); Ken Workman (PMD 35)


Five Degrees of Doriot

Re: Lasting lessons

My fondest memory of the Business School is having lunch with the professor and discussing my thesis on “making the automatic factory a reality” that I did with classmate John Diebold. Doriot encouraged me to join Cordis Corporation, one of American Research and Development Corporation’s investments. I haven’t regretted it to this day and am enjoying my retirement thanks to the professor.
Mel Saslow (MBA 1951) via alumni.hbs.edu

One of Professor Doriot’s most interesting lectures in Manufacturing class was “how to read a newspaper.” Part of that lecture was to read the New York Times obituaries every day to see who had been successful, and then learn what made them successful. No case method for the General. We listened and learned.
Bill MacDowell (MBA 1955) via alumni.hbs.edu

December to Remember

Re: High water

Normally I read the MBA Class of 1972 notes and skim the rest of the Bulletin, reading the occasional article. I started to do that with the December issue at lunch today, and it was like trying to eat one potato chip. Just one fascinating, punchy, useful, or entertaining item after another. Maybe I have been missing the boat for a while, but I was blown away.

Just what I need: another must-read magazine in my life. God only knows where I ever found time to hold a job.
Perry Miles (MBA 1972) via alumni.hbs.edu

Frozen Assets

Re: French revolution

Great initiative. We live in France where Picard (frozen food) is a household name. Every good cook has Picard in their freezer. Not always the prepared meals, but at least the raw ingredients. I go there for my “fresh” veggies when the local marché is closed for the day. Garden peas (larger than the plain old kind) and snap peas, along with pre-chopped onions, garlic and herbs. Every time we go to the US, we think how late the market is in getting out a good frozen food chain.

I hope Luvo will soon become a household name…even for cooks without a microwave.
Denise Dampierre (MBA 1988) via alumni.hbs.edu

Online Excellence

Re: Alumni website accolades

I spend quite a lot of time exploring the universe on my computer, and am familiar with the best software and its applications. The story retrieval application in Stories (alumni.hbs.edu/stories) is automation at its best! I know that—in managing this platform—access, storage, and retrieval costs come out of a budget competing with other projects. I don’t know the feedback use metrics on this application, but I’m hopeful management supports the platform’s further reach into the information maelstrom. I suspect every alum would want access to this tool if they knew it existed!
Ken Workman (PMD 35, 1978) via alumni.hbs.edu


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