11 Feb 2015

Dedicated to a public service mission


Wrendon Hunt (MBA 2012) was raised to be an upstander. “My father always talked about serving causes greater than ourselves,” says Hunt, who is a 2014–2015 White House Fellow.

He describes his yearlong appointment at the Department of Labor as “stimulating and challenging,” though he can’t share details about the projects in which he is involved. The goal is “job growth and to ensure we can have a more viable middle class.”

“We’re dedicated to improving people’s lives,” he says.

Hunt’s commitment to community began while serving as a surface warfare officer in the US Navy. He completed two Western Pacific deployments during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, then joined the private sector at Caustic Soda and, more recently, Dow Solar. Outside the office, he has actively volunteered at his local church and a juvenile correction center, and served as Dow Solar’s point person for the 100,000 Jobs Mission for military veterans.

The White House Fellowship brings Hunt’s devotion to his country to a governmental level, where he hopes to effect change on a national platform.

“I have a real passion to be part of the next generation of leaders who pass down the legacy of public service,” he says.

(Published February 2015)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2012, Section J

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