01 Jun 2001

HBS Alumni Association Board of Directors: President's Report

Springtime Greetings from HBS!
Re: Junichi Amano (AMP 75); Anne Mayfield (MBA 1978); Don Hastings (MBA 1953); Manuel Sacerdote (MBA 1968); Norm Coates (MBA 1975); Monty Milner (MBA 1965)


The last few months have been exciting ones at the School. We have witnessed the announcement of a new Harvard president, sponsored another dynamic Global Alumni Conference, welcomed club officers along with current and emeriti board members for their annual meetings, and coordinated events for nearly two thousand alumni and guests celebrating MBA or Executive Education reunions. None of these activities would be possible without the generous support and commitment of our HBS volunteers.

Volunteerism at HBS takes many forms but always has an enormous impact on the School and its ability to reach out to its constituents. Without section correspondents Tim Calkins and Holly Decker Harrity, for instance, there would be no Bulletin notes for Section C, Class of 1991. The dynamic efforts of HBS club presidents such as Junichi Amano (75th AMP) in Tokyo and Anne Mayfield (MBA 1978) in Charlotte, North Carolina, make it possible for our graduates to gather together, network, and exchange ideas all over the world. Our creative and diligent reunion chairs — from Ashley Gordon Jacobs for this year’s 5th Reunion class to Oliver Ames and Guivy Zaldastani for the 50th — play an extraordinarily important role in galvanizing their classmates to return to campus.

We have recently completed another successful and well-attended Global Alumni Conference, an annual HBS event that relies heavily on the energy and commitment of its alumni chairs. Donald Hastings (MBA 1953) provided unstinting support and guidance for this year’s gathering in Cleveland, and we are immensely grateful. Next year’s conference cochairs Manuel Sacerdote (MBA 1968) and Bruce Coates (MBA 1975) are already working hard with their talented organizing committee to ensure that the 2002 event in Buenos Aires will surpass all expectations.

We are indebted, as well, to the extraordinary cadre of HBS Fund volunteers, who are uniquely qualified to articulate the reasons why HBS needs your financial support. Given the vast number of organizations vying for your time and attention, we appreciate your commitment to the School all the more.

Finally, I’d like to pay tribute to Monty Milner (MBA 1965), outgoing president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Monty has served HBS in so many ways throughout the years, but his work on the board is especially impressive. He has provided careful guidance and stewardship to a number of important initiatives, including global conferences, career services, and the nominating process. He has helped us streamline our work and encouraged us to operate more efficiently and effectively. Monty’s extraordinary efforts during his tenure have truly had an enormous impact on the quality of alumni programs and services. Monty, we salute you!

As I reflect on my two years as president of the HBS Alumni Association, I am moved by the potential we all have to help the School meet its goal of continuing to improve the quality of the student and alumni experience. In addition to the volunteer positions mentioned above, I realize that there are countless others of you working daily on behalf of HBS, committed to serving the School and to bettering the lives of its alumni. Dean Kim B. Clark has spoken often of the vital role alumni play in helping HBS achieve its mission of making a difference in the world. To all of you, we extend our sincere appreciation. And to the graduates of the Class of 2001 who join our ranks this month, welcome to the extended HBS community!

Edmund A. Hajim (MBA 1964)
June 2001

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Featured Alumni

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