01 Jun 2001

Character Studies: The Class of 2001 Graduates


HBS commencements are traditionally a time to recognize the accomplishments of the School’s remarkable student body. Considering the wealth of talent, skills, and life experiences among those in the Class of 2001, this spring’s event should be quite a celebration. Hailing from 65 countries, this year’s 844 graduates appear destined to influence the world of business — and the world at large — as they make their mark in the decades ahead.

From this group, the Bulletin had the difficult task of selecting six individuals to represent the class as a whole. Like their classmates, each arrived at HBS with a unique perspective that contributed to the growth and knowledge of the class. As they prepare to go forth from Soldiers Field, we present a half-dozen members of the Class of 2001 whose abilities are leading indicators of many successes to come.

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2001, Section D
Class of MBA 2001, Section C
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Class of MBA 2001, Section I
Class of MBA 2001, Section F
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Class of MBA 2001, Section K
Class of MBA 2001, Section H

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