The Digital Enterprise: How to Reshape Your Business for a Connected World is an authoritative collection of cutting-edge Harvard Business Review articles, edited by HBR executive editor Nicholas G. Carr. Containing the latest thinking from leading minds in the new economy, the book focuses on the fundamental changes that are happening to business as a result of the Internet, digital communications, and ubiquitous connectivity. From building online business models, to formulating digital strategies, to competing in the uncertain world of e-commerce, this book shows executives exactly what they must do to reshape their businesses for the 21st century.

The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business, by Thomas H. Davenport and John C. Beck, presents a revolutionary model for managing and measuring attention. In today’s information-flooded world, the new scarcest resource is not ideas or even talent, it is attention. This groundbreaking book argues that unless companies learn to capture, manage, and keep it — both internally and out in the marketplace — they will fall hopelessly behind. Drawing from an exclusive global research study and using examples from a range of companies, the authors show how a few pioneering organizations are turning attention management into a potent competitive advantage.

Place to Space: Migrating to e-Business Models, by Peter Weill and Michael R. Vitale, is the first e-business playbook for successfully migrating to the Web. While the e-business revolution has focused on highly publicized, often overvalued start-ups and the radical new business models they have created, this book argues that it is the established, traditional firms that will do the difficult work of making e-business successful — and profitable. Place to Space explains how traditional companies can adapt their bricks-and-mortar legacies to complement and bolster their online ventures. It is a hands-on guide that will give leaders the insight and confidence to operate successfully in both place and space.

Customer Equity: Building and Managing Relationships as Valuable Assets, by Robert C. Blattberg, Gary Getz, and Jacquelyn S. Thomas, is the first book to provide a unifying framework and practical tools for measuring customer value — the potential profitability of each customer to a company — as a financial asset. Drawing from successful examples of customer-equity management in a variety of industries, the authors outline how to build and implement powerful new business and marketing systems. A comprehensive guide to managing customer portfolios across segments and over time, Customer Equity enhances the ability of marketers, IT professionals, and senior executives to make better decisions, generate higher profits, and increase shareholder wealth.

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