01 Dec 2014

The Far-Reaching Impact of Fellowships

Enriching the HBS Experience for All


Each year more than 900 MBA students arrive on the Harvard Business School campus eager to begin a two-year experience that promises to transform their lives. They have been selected because of their academic record, work experience, and a demonstrated capacity for leadership, as well as their ability to enhance the discussions that lie at the heart of the case method. Participant-centered learning depends on the active involvement of every student, each of whom brings a unique background and perspective to the mix of voices inside and outside of the classroom. Without financial aid, nearly half of these voices might never have the chance to be heard at HBS.

Some 600 fellowships established by donors—in addition to gifts of all sizes made to the HBS Fund for Leadership and Innovation—enable the School to attract students from around the world regardless of their economic circumstances. Financial aid provides the foundation for HBS’s need-blind admission policy, ensuring that the cost of attending is not a barrier to entry into the MBA Program. By lessening the burden of debt, this support enables students to study at the School and pursue their passions after graduation. More broadly, fellowships enrich the entire HBS community by exposing students to people and concepts they might never encounter otherwise.

The generosity of donors makes it possible for the School to create a class each year that reflects the great diversity of viewpoints students will encounter as they go out into the world. An investment in their leadership potential, and in their potential to make a difference, has far-reaching impact—on the students and on society more broadly.

“Fellowships enable the diversity of perspectives that is the bedrock of our pedagogy.”
Dee Leopold (MBA 1980), Managing Director, MBA Admissions and Financial Aid

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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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