01 Dec 2014

Forecasting ’15

Alumni experts offer a preview of what to watch for in their fields next year


Health Care: Data-Driven Diagnosis

Robert Wah (AMP 175, 2008)

President, American Medical Association; Global Chief Medical Officer, Computer Sciences Corporation

“We’re entering the third phase of health information technology. The first phase was to get off of paper and onto a digital platform. Then we networked that digital information together. And now we can analyze that information in new and powerful ways. That’s really going to be the big payoff from the feeding of the electronic health records process. Because right now, it is a feeding process; we have to put information in. But once it is in there, it is my belief that it will give back to the health care system. Patients, doctors, hospitals, government, insurance companies, and researchers will all make better decisions in health care with better information.”

Food: Hype and Health

Ayr Muir (MBA 2004)

Founder and CEO, Clover Food Lab

“The cronut is not the last of its type. We’ll continue to see a lot of excitement and hype around crazy food things, usually something that is fat-on-fat-on-sugar-on-more-fat. But in 2015 we’ll also see more of the grassroots trend of people trying to eat healthier. It’s been true behind the scenes for a while. Almost everyone I know in the food packaging and grocery industry is a health nut. People are becoming more aware of their health and have a growing desire to find a way to eat and feel better. That will change things in the industry.”

Consumer Products: Makers Meet the Masses

Jules Pieri (MBA 1986)

Cofounder and CEO, The Grommet

“The maker movement will continue to gather steam. Each of the last three years has been record-breaking in patent issuances. Why? This is what happens when tech platforms like crowdfunding and 3D printing make it possible for the average person to create a manufactured product. In 2015, this movement will begin to separate itself from its DIY and science-project roots to truly become a new industrial revolution and a global economic force.”

Media: RIP, TV

Jason Kilar (MBA 1997)

Cofounder and CEO, Vessel; former CEO, Hulu

“The daily time spent consuming digital media has been skyrocketing across the globe, to the point that it is not uncommon for twentysomethings to choose to go without traditional television—a big deal. This is reminiscent of people choosing to go without traditional newspapers or to jettison landline phone service. I believe that 2015 will be filled with the emergence and rapid growth of next-generation sports channels (Twitch), new comedy channels (Fine Brothers), new news channels (VICE), and more.”

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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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