Getting Behind Health Care

Andrew M. Paul (MBA 1983) sees a powerful connection between the business side of health care and the benefits of better service delivery to patients.

“By investing in companies committed to innovation, you can improve the quality of life for thousands of people,” he says.

The cofounder and managing partner of Enhanced Equity Funds, Paul speaks from experience. His 30-year career has been devoted almost entirely to health care. As an example of how innovation enhances care, Paul cites an oncology practice in which he invested several years ago. The individual doctors were quite competent, but the group wasn’t working together.

“We brought in a comprehensive, integrated system, with a better flow of information, and patient outcomes improved dramatically,” says Paul. The company that grew out of this initial effort now runs the largest network of cancer treatment centers in the country.

Paul’s experience led him to make a gift during his 25th Reunion to endow a fund to benefit the School’s Health Care Initiative. Given the fund’s initial success, he recently made a significant additional gift in honor of his 30th Reunion. The initiative works to improve the global health care system by fostering more effective leadership in health-related organizations.

“My two years at HBS shaped my career,” he says. “I want to provide that opportunity to others, and it will be good for health care if some of them enter the field.”

Supporting Women as Case Protagonists

Melissa Wong Bethell (MBA 1999) remembers reading only a handful of cases featuring female protagonists when she was a student at HBS. While those numbers have increased dramatically in recent years, she hopes more cases with women leaders will be taught at the School.

“Diversity of all kinds, whether it is international diversity or gender diversity, adds a level of richness to the conversation. Also, it is more reflective of the world in which we live.”

Donor support is making it possible for HBS to develop more cases with female protagonists. Earlier this year, Mina Gerowin Herrmann (MBA 1980) established the Women’s Student Association Fund for Case Writing, which underscores the School’s efforts to be more inclusive in its teaching and as a community. “Times have changed and the cases must as well,” says Herrmann. “When Dean Nohria suggested a fund to advance more cases with female subjects as the protagonists, I could identify with this immediately. It was a project I could readily support.”

So could Bethell, a managing director and founding member of Bain Capital in London, who made a gift to the fund in honor of her 15th Reunion. “I would like to see more focus on how you address the positives of being female in the work environment and use some of that to your advantage,” says Bethell.

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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