01 Sep 2014


The Bulletin expands digital offerings; reader feedback from the June issue



Following on the heels of the June debut of our iPad edition, the Bulletin is now available for download in the Google Play and Kindle Fire newsstands. Smartphone users have new options, too: The Bulletin digital edition is also available on iPhone and Android phones. It’s all part of our commitment to giving you the content you want, where and when you want it. Let us know how we’re doing at bulletin@hbs.edu.

Our June cover story on Brazilian CEO Claudia Sender (MBA 2002) helped increase Bulletin web traffic from her home country by 25 percent.


Screen Saver

Re: AMC Theatres’ quest for a third place

Very interesting story of what brick-and-mortar can do to compete in a tough video entertainment market. The puzzle is if this is a strategy of building better mousetraps or trying a whole new way to catch mice. Why not give access to supplemental video content online to those visiting theaters as well as an opportunity to watch the same movie with friends and family later at home? Or building online/offline communities around local theaters in addition to competing with food courts and restaurants? Blockbuster was in a better position to compete online in the early stages of Netflix, but preferred to focus on improving traditional services rather than look into new distribution channels and to follow consumer preferences.
Ayuna Badmaeva (GMP 12, 2012) via alumni.hbs.edu

Net Gains

Re: Spreading sports content

“How can we get our content to that market?” is a question that also drives off-mainstream sports—for example, hockey in Austria. We are currently on the way to implementing a new kind of live streaming channel which features only the most relevant scenes of a game (goals, chances, specials). The user can—by using the complementary app—select his league, venue, or team and his preferred content (e.g., only goals) and get the 30-second video sequences pushed to his phone. From the fan perspective, you don’t have to stick to the screen the whole time to get the best scenes of a game in nearly real time.
Fabian Ringler (PLDA 7, 2011) Vice President Strategy, Development & Marketing, Austrian Hockey Federation via alumni.hbs.edu

Reza’s Reach

Re: Entrepreneurial education

[The Next 36 program was the] best experience of my life. Reza and his co-founders are doing remarkable things for Canada. “Exposure to leaders and an expanded sense of what’s possible”: Those were—and continue to be—the most valuable ingredients of The Next 36.
—Jacqueline Cook via alumni.hbs.edu

What’s Next?

Re: Living the mission

I applaud Dean Nohria’s efforts in keeping with the HBS mission: to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. Being an alum and having two sons who have graduated from HBS in the past three years, it is very clear to me that the school has made huge leaps forward, improving the MBA program in keeping with its mission, which is unchanged. In today’s more global, more technologically sophisticated program, it makes a great deal of sense to expand the international and technological aspects of HBS. My sincerest compliments.
Bill Fotsch (MBA 1983) via alumni.hbs.edu

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Featured Alumni

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