01 Sep 2014

Post-Grad Ponderings

Re: Masa Kato (MBA 2014)
by Julia Hanna


We tracked down a handful of 2014 graduates to get a quick snapshot of where they’re going, what they’re doing, how they kept going through countless hours of case preparation, and who was in their cheering sections as they walked across the stage on Baker Lawn to pick up those hard-earned diplomas. And of course, as all HBS alumni know, this is just the beginning of the story.

Lauren Lockwood, MBA

What got you through your degree? “Being involved in a lot of things.” HBS experience in one word: Motivating. Next stop: KeyLa, an auction platform for apartment rentals.


Michiko Sugita, MBA

Next stop: Tokyo, to work for a hands-on private equity firm. Short term: “Masayuki Kato (MBA 2014) and I are getting married the day after commencement so we will have a huge gathering!”


Ian Tomb, PhD, Business Economics

What got you through your degree? “Espresso in the mornings, dinners with friends in the evenings.” Next stop: London, for a job search. Guests: Parents and sister, from Colorado and Utah.


Rachel Keyser, MBA

What got you through your degree? “I got by with a little help from my friends.” Next stop: CVS Caremark. HBS experience in one word: Kaleidoscopic.


Santiago Manfredi, MBA

What got you through your degree? “The wonderful friends I made here.” HBS experience in one word: Life-changing. Next stop: Miami!

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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