01 Sep 2014

@Soldiers Field

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Baker Bloomberg's iconic cupola, and more


Dean Nitin Nohria took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on August 19 in honor of Avi Kremer (MBA 2007) and nominated Harvard President Drew Faust, HBS Professor Bill George, and Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana.


Among a fall exhibit of papers and artifacts from longtime professor Georges Doriot (MBA 1922), considered the father of venture capitalism: the original 1957 business plan for Digital Equipment Corporation.


Baker Bloomberg’s iconic cupola enjoyed a refresh with new caulking, patching, primer, and two finish coats of “Brilliant White” soft gloss paint. To top it off, the building’s dome and finial were cleaned and resurfaced with new 23½-karat gold leaf.


The academic year kicked off with a heated competition known as RC Field Day. Sections vied for domination in dizzy-bat, a water balloon toss, and the three-legged race, among other getting-to-know-you-type events.


British soccer giants Liverpool took to the pitch at Ohiri Field to warm up for a match at Fenway Park. Seen here: Striker Daniel Sturridge, fresh off a World Cup tour for England, jogs down Gordon Road.


In a move sure to inspire case studies, the Spangler Food Court unveils a double-sided salad and antipasti bar to improve dining efficiency.

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2007, Section I
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