01 Aug 2014

Success Through Shared Effort

Carolyn Wolff Dorros and Dan O’Keefe (both MBA 2003)

The Class of 2003 had the highest participation rate among all spring 2013 reunion classes, with 61 percent of the class making a gift.

With donations totaling $1.77 million, the MBA Class of 2003 set a new 10th Reunion giving record in Spring 2012.

“The most important catalyst for giving was leadership at the section level,” says Carolyn Wolff Dorros, who served as reunion gift cochair with Dan O’Keefe. With members of the class donating a total of $1.77 million, the class now holds the fundraising record for a 10th Reunion. “We had great leaders in each section who did a fantastic job drumming up excitement about reunions and giving back to the School,” adds Dorros.

“There are few things more gratifying in life than being surrounded by great people doing great things by working hard together,” notes O’Keefe.
Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2003, Section H
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