25 Apr 2014

Disrupting criminal enterprises that prey on children


Kayla Brochu (MBA/JD 1999) deployed business and legal strategies to combat some of the world's worst crimes as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Expert on Technology-Facilitated Child Abuse, Exploitation, and Trafficking. Brochu came to the position in 2011 after working at the US Department of Justice for more than eight years, prosecuting child exploitation and human-trafficking crimes.

"The UN is in a position to coordinate and incentivize countries to work together to develop laws and practices that are consistent, cooperative, and compatible. My role was to inject strategic thinking into those endeavors, in the realm of child protection," says Brochu.

She explains that criminal networks operate much like legitimate enterprises. As a result, her business degree has made a difference in her work, as has her experience in the digital security industry and volunteer work with vulnerable children.

Recently, Brochu assumed a new position as the head of human trafficking programs for Geneva Global, a leading social enterprise that implements philanthropists' humanitarian goals at the grassroots level around the world. In this role, she uses an investment model that fosters collaboration among charities and employs rigorous performance metrics to encourage and reward exceptional results.

(Published April 2014)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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