25 Apr 2014

Piloting new career horizons for women in aviation

Jeanette Eaton (PMD 72, 1997)


Jeanette Eaton (PMD 72, 1997) is helping a new generation of women take flight. As an executive for Global Business, Commercial Systems, and Services at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in Connecticut, she advocates for youth, especially girls, who are considering careers in aviation.

"There are not a lot of females in the aviation community, but there's a lot of opportunity," says Eaton, a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft pilot. She imparts her message of possibility everywhere she has the opportunity, from Girl Scout troop meetings to school assemblies. "I realized I should do things like speak at schools and career fairs and try to help women get into aviation," she says. "I see a lot of myself in the girls I meet."

Eaton also serves on the board of the Eastern Region Helicopter Council and several aviation organizations, including the Whirly-Girls, a network of women helicopter pilots, and The Ninety-Nines, an international group of female pilots founded by Amelia Earhart. "The industry needs more women in it," she says. "Diversity is good for everyone."

(Published April 2014)

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Featured Alumni

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