01 Jun 2006

Faculty Research Online


The Trouble behind Livedoor

When Livedoor CEO Takafumi Horie was arrested early this year, it shook Japan’s economic underpinnings. Assistant Professor Robin Greenwood discusses what went wrong with one of that country’s most-watched Internet companies.

Winners and Losers at the Olympics

We know which athletes won and lost in Turin, but what about the companies and individuals looking for business gold? Professor Emeritus Stephen A. Greyser looks at the results and the possibilities ahead for the Summer Games in China.

New Research Explores Multisided Markets

Dating clubs, credit cards, and video games are all examples of multisided markets, where firms need to get two or more distinct groups of customers on the same platform or place. Assistant Professor Andrei Hagiu discusses this new field of business research and why it matters to you.

Oprah: A Case Study Comes Alive

Writing a business case on the icon of daytime television and chairman of a major media empire was challenge enough for Professor Nancy Koehn and colleagues. Oprah Winfrey’s visit to the HBS campus in spring 2005 to talk with graduating students was ample reward.

Sorting Out the Patent Craze

Some companies patent anything that moves to block innovation by competitors. But what does this mean for standard-setting organizations? In this Q&A, Professor Josh Lerner explains the challenges these organizations face.


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