24 Apr 2014

Addressing roadblocks to innovation in health care

Regina Herzlinger


Innovation in health care is a national and international priority driven by demand for quality and universal access, yet it has proved very difficult to achieve. Regina E. Herzlinger, the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration and a leading health care scholar, has dissected challenges health care professionals face and applied her findings to a framework for developing successful solutions.

Herzlinger has identified three types of innovation—focused on technology, consumers, and the integration of business models—that can make health care better and cheaper. Further, she has defined the six elements that must be factored into successful innovation ventures of any type: structure, financing, technology, consumers, accountability, and public policy.

Herzlinger disseminates her analyses and findings to a global audience of students, practitioners, and clinicians, and convenes health care management educators to develop and implement new curricula for health care management education. She also recommends policy changes, such as standards for health care IT and transparency to consumers on the price and value of treatment and prevention efforts that encourage innovation in the health care field.

(Published April 2014)


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