Jorge Paulo Lemann (AB 1961) has built a career focused on strengthening the financial markets of Brazil. As a senior partner of Banco Garantia, he was the leading force for 25 years behind Brazil’s premier investment bank. Lemann transformed the national economy, giving his country access to consumer goods, jobs, and global markets. Since selling the company to Credit Suisse First Boston in 1998, Lemann and his partners, Carlos A. Sicupira (OPM 9, 1984) and Marcel H. Telles (OPM 10, 1985) have focused on acquisitions that include some of the world’s most recognized brands—Anheuser-Busch, Heinz, and Burger King.

“Create a big dream. Keep it simple, easily understood, and measured. Attract the right people who work well together. Measure results consistently,” says Lemann. “You can create, run, or improve anything with this formula.”

His dreams for a better Brazil also extend to education. In 1991, with Sicupira and Telles, Lemann cofounded Fundação Estudar, a nonprofit organization supporting talented young Brazilians who show potential for contributing to Brazil’s development. At Harvard University, where Lemann has endowed a professorship, he established the Lemann Fellowships and endowed the Brazil Studies Program.

(Published April 2014)


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