25 Apr 2014

Taking up the issue of climate change


As chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn (MBA 1971) is in the business of creating magical worlds that captivate audiences. He also is passionate about the real-world issue of climate change and its impact on future generations.

"When my wife, Cindy, was pregnant with our first daughter in 1988, we were thinking about bringing a child into the world and really became focused on the environment," recalls Horn. He subsequently joined the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council, "arguably the most effective environmental organization in the world," says Horn, who today serves as its vice chair. He and his wife also cofounded the Environmental Media Association, which encourages environmental awareness in the entertainment industry.

"We believe that the overwhelming environmental issue facing the world right now is climate change—an issue that needs to be taken up by the countries of the world to somehow reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses," says Horn, whose two daughters are also environmental activists. "We want to leave a world to our children that is in balance and that is sustainable for generations to come."

(Published April 2014)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1971, Section G

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