24 Apr 2014

The 'multiplier effect' of supporting education


André Jakurski (MBA 1973), founding partner/managing director of JGP Asset Management, and his wife, Maria, generously support various organizations that provide direct services in Rio de Janiero as well as educational institutions, including his alma maters—HBS and Rio's British School—and Johns Hopkins University.

In this video, recorded when he received a 2013 HBS Alumni Achievement Award, he and his wife talk about the "multiplier effect" of supporting education in Brazil.

“I believe a lot in education,” says Andre, “so most of our philanthropic efforts have been in education, something which has a multiplier effect. We helped the British School of Rio; we donated buildings, labs, and a theater.”

Maria notes, “Education for us is number one. Since we’ve been together we believe that living in a country like Brazil you can give them food and we do, but that’s not how you do actually solve a problem in a country like Brazil. It’s education.”

“We believe,” Andre adds, “that you help educate people, which will hire people, which will educate people… so the efficiency of the investment for us is very important.”

(Published April 2014)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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