24 Apr 2014

Meeting an essential health care need in India


When his mother became ill in 2008, Krishna Mahesh (MBA 2005) came face to face with India’s deep deficit of quality hospital beds. It inspired him to launch Sundaram Medical Devices, which develops high-tech, low-cost hospital beds that will help transform the quality of health care in India by increasing capacity (more beds in less space) without compromising revenue or the care, comfort, and safety of patients.

Since 2010, when Sundaram won the first annual HBS Alumni New Venture Contest, the company has grown from a staff of four to 16, opened its first factory, hired an in-house industrial designer, and completed two rounds of in-hospital tests. Sundaram is now creating a product line of affordable, universal, non-invasive vitals-monitoring devices that mount to the bed.

“We identified a significant global market and focused on an unmet but essential need, as health care is not optional,” says Mahesh, founder and CEO of Sundaram, based in Chennai. “I hope we can be an integral part of building a high-quality health care industry in India.”

(Published April 2014)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2005, Section B

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