01 Mar 2014

@Soldiers Field

Re: Bert Twaalfhoven (MBA 1954); Gerry Schwartz (MBA 1970)


A COYOTE SPOTTED resting on Ohiri Field in November was later found wandering on Harvard Way near Morris Hall at 3 a.m. A Mass. Environmental Police investigation found that the animal "posed no danger."


THE FALL I-LAB SCRAMBLE student start-up crash course: 40 hours of networking, coaching, and pitching. Organizers suggested drinking water rather than Red Bull, but noted "Medieval armor is permitted."


Bert Twaalfhoven (MBA 1954) offered guests of the HBS Entrepreneurship Club a personal perspective on the positive power of failure in his talk "How I Lost $50 Million."


TO PREPARE THE MORE THAN 900 FIELD 2 STUDENTS for their assignments in destinations around the globe, HBS set up a vaccination clinic in Spangler to protect them from a host of potential illnesses.


FOUR PIECES OF ARTWORK BY CARRIE MAE WEEMS—part of the collection donated to HBS by Gerald Schwartz (MBA 1970 and hung here and elsewhere around campus—officially became works of "genius" after Weems was named a 2013 MacArthur Fellow.


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