01 Oct 2001

Finding Their Way

Profiles from the Class of 1976


The best-laid plans — even those designed and implemented by the remarkably talented alumni of HBS — are seldom immune to life's twists and turns. This is perhaps the overriding lesson that each member of the Class of 1976 has learned since graduating from HBS.

Many classmates have chosen paths unimaginable a quarter-century ago; as for those who have reached long-desired destinations, even they could not have anticipated the surprises along the way. From these hundreds of individual histories, we present nine that are indicative of how the class has fared on its 25-year journey. The moral of their story? In response to the unexpected — made manifest in challenges and opportunities — lives of meaning and excellence have emerged.

Barbara A. Bry

Christopher Cox

Margaret Hanson Costan

Guy de Chazal

Peter W. Olson

Jeffery E. Sagansky

David B. Price, Jr.

Carl M. Plochman III 

Philip L. Yeo

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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