01 Dec 2001

Speaking for the Airlines


When the airlines sought government financial help in the wake of September's terrorist attacks, Delta Airlines chairman and CEO Leo Mullin (MBA '67) emerged as a powerful advocate for the industry, the Los Angeles Times (September 21, 2001) observed. According to the Times, "Mullin played a key role in assembling the rescue package and the financial and operating data required to persuade Congress and the Bush administration to help the carriers."

"Airline service is the backbone of our economy," Mullin told the House Transportation Committee during a five-hour session. He also pointed out that the attacks had caused financial damage that went well beyond losses in passenger revenues, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (September 20, 2001) reported. "Many insurance companies have notified airlines of astronomic premium increases," Mullin said. "Heightened security measures, which we all agree are absolutely essential, will substantially increase the cost of doing business."

Mullin came to Delta in 1997 after a two-year stint as vice chairman of Unicom Corporation and Commonwealth Edison. His rÈsumÈ also includes service at the First Chicago Corporation, where he spent fourteen years and rose to the position of president and COO of that commercial bank, and five years at Conrail, where he was instrumental in returning the troubled railroad to profitability. So it was not surprising that, with his background in finance and transportation, the Air Transport Association tapped him to be its spokesman before Congress. Aside from possessing a wealth of business expertise, Mullin also knows how to convey it well. "He's so articulate, you can almost see the punctuation marks when he speaks," noted the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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