As we plan each issue of the Alumni Bulletin, we scour our files and contacts for information about alumni who match that issue's special "focus" feature or other timely topics. The job usually isn't too hard. There are plenty of alumni—some well-known and others not so familiar—who are doing important work in, say, education, or health care, or entrepreneurial ventures.

With this edition, we've given the "focus" concept a spin: We're looking at the alumni community at large. 

It all started with a comment: "Did you know there are 33 alumni who work for a railroad?" That got us wondering: how many other alumni are doing unique or unexpected jobs or hold distinctive job titles. See "Who Are We?" to find out about classmates who are "workin' on the railroad," some who are making a splash as CEOs, and others who stand out in fields ranging from finance to farming.

Where did we find these interesting people? Our research into the "how many" question began in the alumni database, where we found stats about your locales, personal passions, jobs, and much more.

But frankly, what we found is a bit thin. It turns out that not all of you have an up-to-date profile. Heck, some of you only update your info every five years, when your reunion rolls around, even if you've landed a great job or launched a cutting-edge company in between. As a result, while we include stats with the "Who Are We?" feature, we're pretty sure those numbers don't tell the whole story.

So, we need you to do your part to make this information better. And that starts with each of you updating your profile. We can't encourage you strongly enough.

To sweeten the deal, we have something big to offer in exchange. Beginning this month, HBS is launching a brand-new Alumni website, featuring personalized content delivery (based on your profession and unique interests), customized events information (based on your class year, your interests, or where you live and work), and improved connectivity with your classmates and fellow alumni (based on your class, section, region, personal network, and more). Are you getting the picture? The more information you add to your profile, the richer your experience on the new website will be. It's easy to do: just log in with your LEFA and password and the directory will guide you through your profile update.

How did we decide what to include on the new website?

You may have noticed over the past year or two that we've been asking lots of questions about how you like to connect with the School and with each other, what you want to read or hear about, and how much you value Class Notes. We've held focus groups around the country, we've consulted with international alumni, and we've heard what you want. And what's that? To connect with, learn from, hear about, and be inspired by each other. You also want to keep learning from faculty, find out about events that match your specific interests, keep tabs on what's happening on campus, hear about ways you can volunteer at HBS, and much more.

Well, the new HBS Alumni website has all of that for you. All you need to do to get the most out of it is log in to, take a minute to complete your profile (and don't just update your address!), and then see how rich and rewarding your new online experience can be.

Give it a try for a few months—we'll be rolling out additional new features throughout 2014—and then send us your feedback. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, did you know that 683 alumni work in agriculture? Check out one of them.



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