<p>On December 6, four firms became the first recipients 
            of the Porter Prize, a new award that recognizes innovation in 
            Japanese companies. Matsui Securities Co., Ltd., and Mabuchi Motor 
            Co., Ltd., were named the winners in the single-business company 
            category, while the Lens Product Group of Canon Inc. and the Eye 
            Care Company of Hoya Corporation placed first in the multibusiness 
            company business-unit category. Established by the Graduate School 
            of International Corporate Strategy at Hitotsubashi University 
            and sponsored by the Daiwa Institute of Research and Accenture 
            Corporation, the prize honors and highlights companies that have 
            maintained superior profitability by implementing unique strategies 
            based on innovation in products, processes, and management techniques.<br />
            <br />
            Matsui Securities was chosen for its ability to define &#147;jobs 
            not to do&#148; in its business strategy, while Mabuchi won for 
            specializing in small direct-current motors, a strategy that has 
            garnered it 50 percent or higher world market share for several 
            decades. Canon&#146;s Lens Product Group was recognized for continuous 
            technological innovation. Hoya Corporation&#146;s Eye Care Company, 
            which produces highly refractive plastic lenses, received the 
            prize because of its ability to achieve high profitability while 
            stressing customization.<br />
            <br />
            The award is named for <a href="" target="new window">Michael 
            E. Porter</a>, the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor 
            at Harvard and a renowned expert on competitive strategy and international 
            competitiveness. Winners are selected by a committee made up of 
            Japanese academics with expertise in competitive strategy from 
            institutions such as Keio University, Kobe University, Tokyo University, 
            and Hitotsubashi University. Prize winners gain public recognition 
            as industry leaders and become the focus of a case study series 
            that will be published in Hitotsubashi Business Review and other 
            periodicals.<br />
            <br />

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