01 Oct 2002

Distinct Yet of a Piece

Profiles from the Class of 1977

Their office locations range from the summit of a skyscraper in Boston to the front seat of a pickup truck in Oklahoma. Their workdays may be dedicated to helping build companies or to helping save lives. They can be found discussing high-level strategy in a Fortune 500 boardroom or teaching calculus in a high-school classroom.

Distinct individuals, distinctive careers. Yet with their varied backgrounds, interpersonal skills, HBS education, and sterling records of business and community achievement, one feels that the eight members of the Class of 1977 profiled in the following pages might, in a pinch, be able to fill the shoes of any of their classmates. Confidence and competence — the imprimatur of HBS — are the hallmarks of this year's 25th Reunion Class, as exemplified in this sample group of classmates of distinction.

John R. Davis: Nature's Blessing
Michael F. Cronin: A Focus on the Fundamentals
Ann M. Fudge: Enhanced Perspective
Steven C. Watson: Course Change
Karen Gordon Mills: Her Excellent Adventures
Amy S. Langer: Fighting the Good Fight
Jeremiah P. Murphy, Jr.: Improving the Coop's Numbers
Andrew H. Tisch: Family Matters

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