01 Jan 2010

Marvin S. Traub, MBA 1949

2010 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Former CEO and President, Bloomingdale’s

If one person has transformed retailing in the 20th century, it is Marvin Traub. During his 41 years at Bloomingdale’s, more than half at the helm, Traub expanded the store — first nationally and then globally — and launched the careers of many of the designers that are today’s most popular brands: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan, among them. At the same time, he mentored dozens of employees who went on to lead major stores and brands.

After retiring from Bloomingdale’s in 1992, Traub’s second career began when he founded Marvin Traub Associates, a diversified consulting firm specializing in retailing, brand, and real estate development focusing on international markets. His client base includes companies in 12 countries. Now in his mid-eighties, Traub has not slowed down or lost his enthusiasm for work. This spring he planned and helped to open a 200,000-square-foot Bloomingdale’s in Dubai.

At Traub’s side throughout has been his wife, Lee, whom he married after his first year at HBS. The pair still travel together — on his business trips and to spend time with their three children and four grandchildren.


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