04 Mar 2008

HBS Blogs

by Keith Larson


Blogs have long since come into their own. After all, they’ve been around since 1994, and just recently a blogger received the George Polk Award for excellence in journalism. So it seems a good time to recognize blogs by HBS alums and faculty by compiling a list of them and presenting it on the Bulletin blog. I have included only ongoing blogs that have had entries in 2008. Though the number of blogs listed is small, the range of their topics is broad, including kite-surfing, food and wine, technology, politics, and investing. Several of these blogs are very well known (those by Andy Tobias, MBA ’72J, and Thomas Lifson, MBA ’76H, for example); others recording only the details of one family’s life are comparatively unknown. But these blogs all share the virtue of allowing easy exposure to personal views about new swaths of the world.

At the end of each blog listed below is a summary, if necessary, of the blog’s subjects and a note about how long it has been going. This list probably represents only a very small fraction of the alumni blogs that are out there, so please send us Web addresses of HBS blogs you know of that are missing here.

Alumni Blogs

Faculty Blogs

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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