26 Feb 2009

Last Look - March 2009

Re: Cheryl Wellock (HRPBA 1960); Nancy Merrill (HRPBA 1960); Barbara Feigin (HRPBA 1960)
by Keith Larson


Our thanks to HRPBA ’60-ers Sandy Krickovic Self and Nancy Needham Merrill, who recognized themselves as the second and third models in the photo. Self wrote: “In Malcolm McNair’s Marketing class, we were studying the women’s retail clothing market and how there was quite a difference between high-end clothes and cheaper knockoffs. We were wearing clothes from the high end. Many discussions ensued about differences in fabric, workmanship, linings, etc., which might not have been apparent to the naked eye, but once you saw the clothes modeled and looked closely, you saw the differences. I think we volunteered. It was probably the most interesting class I recall taking at HBS.” Merrill identified the first model (closest to McNair) as Cheryl Wellock (HRPBA ’60) and added, “Most HRPBA classes were held in Longfellow Hall on the Radcliffe Quad in Cambridge.” But on this rare occasion, Barbara Sommer Feigin (HRPBA ’60) wrote, “HRPBA program ‘girls’ attended a joint class with their HBS male counterparts across the river at the B-School! It probably took place in the winter or spring of 1960.” Katrina Pugh Sloan wrote that her mother, Julie Spear Pugh (HRPBA ’60), identified “Odile De Lassus Levassort (Mom’s Parisian roommate), turning right to her curly-haired neighbor (Ruth Lee Brodsky?). I believe Mom is in the dark shirt.” She concludes, “None of those first women MBA and HRPBA degrees went to waste!”


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