19 May 2010

Last Look - June 2010

by Keith Larson


Our thanks to Johanna Mooney (front row), who wrote that the photo shows MBA 2001, Section A’s Marketing class during a case discussion of Reynolds Aluminum, hence the aluminum-foil hats. Sean Hennessey is seated to her left. Márcio T. Trigueiro, to Hennessey’s left, identified the three of them in the Wormdeck and said their Marketing professor was Rajiv Lal. Ben Bromberg gave further identifications: “Stephanie Jones appears partly above Sean, and to her left is Michael Ramich. To her right is Joe Santo. In the next row up are Andy Johnston, Jerry Smith, Kat Pearson, and John Bello, and in the next row up are Oliver Backhouse, Eric Knight, two unknown sectionmates, Renee Will, and Kristin Berkvist. In the Skydeck, from the left, are Natalya Preiser, someone unknown, and Frank Baker.”

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2001, Section A

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