Last spring, in preparation for the 50th anniversary of women being admitted to the School's full-time MBA Program, we invited the HBS alumni community to identify alumnae who stood out as leaders, mentors, and role models. From several hundred suggestions, we asked a cross section of women to share thoughts and advice about their careers, experiences, and the meaning of leadership.

Click on each heading below to read their responses.

What career advice do you have for today's female MBAs?

As a trailblazer, how did you proceed when there was no established route to your goals?

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your career?

What can men learn from women leaders?

What are the responsibilities of a leader today?

What did you learn from the experience when you failed at something?

What makes a good mentor?

Whom do you admire in the business world?

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1970, Section D
Class of MBA 1991, Section E
Class of MBA 1991, Section C
Class of AMP 93
Class of MBA 2007, Section J
Class of MBA 1981, Section I
Class of MBA 1997, Section C
Class of MBA 1997, Section I
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Class of MBA 1982, Section G
Class of MBA 1972, Section D
Class of MBA 1980, Section F
Class of MBA 1976, Section I
Class of MBA 1980, Section B
Class of MBA 1990, Section A
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Class of MBA 1994, Section A
Class of MBA 1976, Section H
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Class of MBA 1996, Section A
Class of MBA 1983, Section E
Class of MBA 1964, Section K
Class of MBA 1986, Section F
Class of MBA 2001, Section H
Class of MBA 1973, Section F
Class of MBA 1963, Section K
Class of MBA 1989, Section C
Class of MBA 2004, Section H
Class of MBA 1981, Section G
Class of MBA 1982, Section C
Class of MBA 2002, Section I
Class of MBA 1982, Section I
Class of MBA 1994, Section G
Class of MBA 1985, Section F
Class of MBA 1999, Section F
Class of MBA 1997, Section B
Class of MBA 1985, Section I
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Class of MBA 1988, Section F

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